Osteopathy Specialist in Brentwood

  • Expert in the assessment and treatment of all spinal problems, sports injuries, joint and muscle pain

  • A thorough initial consultation explaining the findings and treatment plan

  • Provision of fast-acting treatment which addresses the cause of the injury and not just the pain

  • Individual treatment programmes tailored to you – returning you to full fitness with a reduced chance of re-injury

  • Sound advice on posture, ergonomics and exercise

  • Referral to the appropriate specialist if Osteopathy can’t help you

  • Passionate about providing the care that you deserve

Peace of Mind

  • Free 15-minute initial assessment. Sometimes it might feel risky seeing a new health professional. Will you like them? Will they understand your injury problem and will they be able to help? For this reason we offer a free 15-minute initial assessment of your problem.

  • Our 100% money back guarantee! At Natural Health Works we pride ourselves on delivery of only the highest quality Osteopathy services. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the quality of your consultation we will give you a FULL REFUND of any fees paid.

  • Direct settlement for your injury treatment with all the major medical insurance companies, meaning you don’t have to pay and claim it back. We are covered by many of the major insurance companies. You need to check first whether you are covered and provide us with the authorisation number and we will do the rest.