Sports Massage can help to reduce the chance of muscle, tendon and ligament strains, sprains and tension by using conventional and when necessary deep tissue massage to help speed up the body’s blood flow and keep muscle tissue supple.
Many injuries occur from “Overuse”. When your body’s muscles are overworked and the tissue fibres start to fatigue. This can be as a result from too much exercise. Training to excess, whilst improving your general fitness can cause muscle tissue to stiffen and tighten as your body can no longer cope with the pressure being placed upon it to train.

Sports Massage can help to keep your muscles healthy, supple and flexible. Using massage, stretching and osteopathic techniques to mobilise tense muscle fibres, help you to relax and speed up your body’s rehabilitation process and to get you back into your training regime as quickly as possble

Many people find that regular Sports Massage treatments are of great benefit, even if they do not take part in any sporting activities, as this deeper tissue massage treatment helps to relieve tension and aid relaxation.