Natural Health Works offers a range of treatments to patients for back and neck pain.

Trouble with your back does not simply produce pain in the back! Often it may cause symptoms in more remote areas such as buttocks, groin, hips and legs commonly called sciatica. Problems in the spine and neck can also cause symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, clicking jaw, pins and needles and many more.

Research has shown that problems related to the back may affect over 60% of the UK’s population at some stage in their lives.

Your Osteopath will explain to you clearly what the problem is. If they can help, they will explain what they can do to help and offer self-help advice.

When young the body easily adapts to the stresses and strains of life. Past the age of 25 it loses some of its elasticity, which gives the body the flexibility to cope and adapt. This particularly applies to the discs between the vertebrae and the joint cartliage. These require regular movement to ensure maximum range and thereby increase local circulation and nutrition to the surrounding tissues keeping a healthy spine.