Directions to Trueloves Lane

As of 7th May 2016 the Ingatestone clinic has moved to;

Unit 1A, Trueloves Lane, Ingatestone, CM4 0NQ

The sat nav only takes you into Trueloves lane, from there take the second turning on right off trueloves lane, turn into TRUELOVES head towards new houses Trueloves Grange. Opposite the first new house on the right turn left down a little lane. The warehouse is straight in front of you. There is plenty of parking. Enter through Grey door. You should see the blue clinic signs clearly.

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We Are Moving

As you may already know, our old site in Bakers lane has now been demolished. We are pleased to announce that, as of 7th May 2016 Natural Health Works will be moving to:-


Unit 1A, Trueloves Lane, Ingatestone, CM4 0NQ


The unit is just by the new housing development Trueloves Grange, in fact if you take the sign to the sales office, the entrance is just opposite the first new house, 2 minutes from the A12 turn off.  Find they grey door with our sign on it. There is plenty of free parking next to the building and it is all on the ground floor. 

I would also like to welcome Zoe Goodman who will be joining our team as our in house Sports Massage Therapist you can book her directly on 07964 577918

 If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email or call us.

Please note it is also business as usual at my home clinic Blacksmith House.

I look forward to seeing you in our new home.

Back Care Awareness

Back Care Awareness Week 2013: Caring for Carers
The UK is home to 7 million unpaid carers. These are people who provide regular, ongoing support and assistance to an ailing or disabled family member, friend or neighbour on a voluntary basis.
They represent an unpaid and often invisible workforce that saves the Government a staggering £119 billion every year – more than the Government’s entire annual NHS expenditure.
Due to the nature of their role, unpaid carers are often exposed to higher than usual levels of physical and emotional stress which puts their own health at risk.
Many carers help the person they care for with physical tasks, such as getting in and out of the bed, bath or chairs. Without advice and training in safe technique, the carer may be putting undue ‘biomechanical’ stress on their own bodies.
In addition to this, the role of carer, especially when caring for a spouse or close family member, can create unique emotional stresses. Both parties can struggle with issues such as dependency and loss, as they try to adapt to the changing relationship.
Over 70% the UK’s unpaid carers now suffer from back pain, and are a greater risk of developing chronic pain, which is highly disabling in a third of cases and life-long for the majority.
BackCare is working to help the UK’s unpaid carers with the launch of a national campaign called ‘Caring for Carers’ during this year’s BackCare Awareness Week (7-11th October 2013).
The week will kick off with a radio day of live interviews on regional and national stations to raise awareness of the key issues. BackCare will be distributing a campaign pack featuring educational materials, including the Carer’s Guide and DVD.
The campaign is being run in collaboration with several organisations, including Carer’s Trust, Arc Learning, Guideposts Trust, Carers of Epsom, Action for Carers and the White Lodge Centre.
BackCare members and partners will also be running local events up and down the country in clinics and carer centres to coordinate with the campaign. To learn more about BackCare please visit, email or call 020 8977 5474

Just let us know how we can help
Kindest regards
Carla Downton and Jane Allen

Electro Acupuncture – Now available

This is an acupuncture technique where by a small electrical current is passed between needles which have been inserted in specific acupuncture points.

  • Each Electro current connects two selected points
  • The intensity and frequency of the voltage is adjusted manual
  • Developed in 1934 in China as an extension of hand manipulation to provide continuous stimulation during surgery
  • Widely used in TCM acupuncture due to its benefits and convenience.

Effectiveness of Electro Acupuncture

  • Effective at reducing chronic pain and muscle spasms
  • Beneficial to patient who do not respond well to normal acupuncture
  • Ensures continued adequate stimulation among points
  • Produces a stronger stimulation than manual acupuncture without damaging tissue
  • Effective for patients with chronic nociceptive pain

Carla Downton is a trained Medical Acupuncturist and can provide Electro Acupuncture for muscloskeletal conditions.

Kinesiology Taping

We hope that you are enjoying the wonderful weather? A warm invitation to returning to outdoor activities, whether that’s in the garden, on your bike or even training for a triathlon? With this often comes injury and those niggling aches and pains.  We have found Kinesiology taping  an  effective tool when used alongside our treatments and many patients who we have already taped are coming back for more!! So what is this “magic tape”?

Kinesiology tape is a specialist tape developed by Dr.Kenzo Kase in Japan more than 25 years ago.  It is designed to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscles and improve performance.  You’ve probably seen it on television, it’s used in many sports, especially at the Olympics & The London Marathon, and our view is that if elite athletes feel that it works then there must be something to it.  We have had particular success using it as part of the treatment on shoulder and knee injuries, lower back pain and neck pain.  We use it in conjunction with a normal osteopathic treatment although it can also be used on it”s own in a preventative way for sports injuries such as shin splints and knee problems and to maintain the benefits of the osteopathic treatment long after your appointment. It can also be used to enhance a  movement rather than a muscle. This is called power taping and is used to increase endurance and performance.For more information on how Kinesiology Tape could help you, make an appointment or have a look at our website to find out how osteopathy could help you.


If you would like to try Kinesiology taping on it’s own to see how it may work for you we can offer this to existing patients for £15 for one area of the body. It only takes about 10 minutes Please give us a call if you have any queries.

Carla Downton * Jane Allen *Stephanie Miller

01277 821908 / 07801937960 / 07855053518